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Benefits Of Waxing

Long lasting results

Due to the fact waxing involves removing hair from its root completely the length of being hairless in the treated area can be around 5-6 weeks. Our waxing services in Hertfordshire.


Weaker and scarce regrowth in treated areas

As the hair in your treated area is being removed from its root after some time you will notice regrowth is not thick and coarse hair, rather fine and scarce due to the roots getting damaged and not working to their natural capability only on your treated areas.


There are many benefits of waxing, feel free to contact our waxing clinic in hertfordshire to get free advice.

Automatic exfoliation

Because the wax treatment is applied directly to the surface of your skin, you will also benefit from a gentle exfoliation, leaving you with smoother and softer skin.


No inflammation of the skin

Shaving with razor blades can cause friction which leads to irritation and discolouration of the skin, especially with darker skin tones. Wax hair removal services can help you avoid irritation and itchiness.


Avoid ingrown hairs

Ingrown hairs can be painful and very embarrassing if in the wrong areas, waxing your hair will avoid this from happening as hair is not broken and is taken out from the root with no damaged surface skin.